Germany and the EU have made their way towards climate neutrality. It is important to always reconcile three equally important goals, namely climate compatibility, affordability, and the availability of energy. In addition to achieving the climate targets, it is particularly important for Germany as an industrial location that companies remain competitive. This is the only wayin which production relocations can be avoided.
Ultimately, politics, business, and society will only be able to tackle the once-in-a-century task of climate change together. At the same time, the relevant legislation must contain both ambitious and realistic specifications and ensure plannability.


Themenwelt Bauen und Wohnen
Building and Housing
Themenwelt Digitalwirtschaft
Digital Economy
Themenwelt Energie und Klima
Energy and Climate
Themenwelt Finanzen und Altersvorsorge
Finance and Retirement
Themenwelt Gesundheitswirtschaft
Healthcare Economy
Themenwelt Mobilität